We, Kalinga Educare, situated at Niccopark, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa aim to cater to various educational counsellings need of today’s generation, we’ve established to offer services who are studying in the various educational institutes. The centre endeavours to provide guidance to students right from their early school years to higher education. We intend to counsel and provide support at every step the student takes towards his future career.
Kalinga Educare was established within the year 2015 as a premier institute for B.ED. Our aspiration is to be the world’s most loved and admired brand for regular education, which may only be achieved by considering not just what we do but how we roll in the hay . It requires us to strictly adhere to laws and regulations and to travel beyond this, by setting our goals much higher. we would like to be the leader in ethical business conduct.
Kalinga Educare, we are using our strengths – connecting and communicating – to assist make a difference. it’s a natural outgrowth of our business and our vision to be involved youth and education issues round the world, preparing children for his or her future.
Kalinga Educare works as a licensed study center for its universities. We put our sheer efforts to form sure our student gets the right and proper guidance to grow on his career and academic graph by counseling them with the simplest possible ways.